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Sep 07, 2019

Driver Education

Roebling Road DE

A great time was had by all in one of the best track weekends I can remember.  No one messed up their car, the weather was hot but clear...and we all got a little faster (at least we think we did!)  If you haven't tried a track weekend...its a must!  Come join us soon!

Aug 17, 2019

A day at Candy Land!

Porsche Experience

What a great day at the Porsche Experience.  We had a record number of club members (51!) and a truly great time was had by all.  If you have never been to this facility...make a point of going.  It is a blast!   We enjoyed the museum, had a great lunch, and enjoyed some track time with drivers that really knew how to put on a show, and then some head to head racing on Simulators. Great job James Roberts for pulling this trip off without a hitch!

Jun 01, 2019

Driver Education

Roebling Road DE

Summer arrived and the track was quite hot, with a great time had by all.  Other than a rather annoyingly fast Volvo Station Wagon, I know I had fun.  If you have never gone to a Driver Education really is a lot of fun and a great way to become a better driver.  Come on down and join us at the next event, you'll be glad you did.  Even better, find an RV and stay track side....Jim Mathis will grill you up some good eatin!....

Dec 01, 2018

Driver Education

Roebling Road DE

Well we had a rather wet weekend down in Pooler, Georgia as 11-12 drivers joined forces for the DE in early December.  What time we had on the track was great, but the evening festivities were probably the highlight of the weekend.  After getting copious amounts of grief for my "Camp fire in a can"...thanks to a rather cold night, my tacky little gizmo actually became a hit!  Everyone had a great but soggy time, with all looking forward to spring!

Oct 26, 2018

Trip to Savannah

Drive to the River Walk

We all had a fantastic time visiting the historic city of Savannah.  This trip was planned by Eddie Causey and Alex Bell and went off without a hitch.  Five cars drove down to stay in the Planters Inn, with several more joining just for the day on Saturday.  We attended a historic race!  There were lots of different classes, one of which even had wooden wheels!  It was really neat to see the old cars screaming around the track.  By the end of the weekend I felt like I had been on a food tour of the great restaurants of Savannah!  I think everyone had a really great time. Particular thanks to Eddie and Luann, Great job!!!

Aug 18, 2018

Special Road Trip

Porsche Experience Luncheon

We all had a fantastic time visiting the Porsche Experience Center.  This trip was planned by James Roberts and went off without a hitch.  Over 20 cars drove from Bolingbroke to Atlanta and were treated to a very nice lunch.  We had 36 members join us for a truly memorable trip.  It was especially fun to have a professional driver take all of us for rides in the the Carrera!  It was a base model that rivals the best performance of prior years production.  We also got to experience the new Panamera Hybrid with 680 HP.  If you have never seen this facility, it is a "must see" venue.  The left-overs met up a wild wings for a nice parting bite to eat.  Great job James!!!

Dec 16, 2017

Christmas party 2017

Idle Hour Dinner

Well the Christmas party went off without a catch.  It was well attended, 48!, and was highlight by a special recognition of Rex Smyth from Porsche Club of North America for 40 years of continuous membership in the Ocmulgee PCA!  Way to go Rex!  

Nov 04, 2017

Fall Drive Through the Leaves

Helen GA

Rick and Ellie Altfetter did a fantastic job chairing the Drive through the leaves this year!  We all had a really great time (no one got arrested or lost) and had 13? cars on the trip.  No one broke down. The food at Chateau Elan, The Hoffbrau House and the Smith House was excellent.  We all felt like we toured north Georgia with our tummies!

Nov 04, 2017

Car Show!

Wings and Wheels

Well Ken Babbitt pulled it off!  Even with an excellent showing for the Drive through the Leaves, Ken was able to get 13!!! Porsches at the Wings and Wheels Car Show!  Congrats and the weather was great and everyone had a good time.....

Oct 01, 2017

Sunday Morning Car Show

Cafeine and Octaine!

Big thanks to Allan Akin for setting this one up!  We all had a great time riding up to the show at Perimeter Center.  Other than the was a perfect morning.  After walking around enjoying the cars, we had a delightful lunch at The French Market in Locust Grove.  I believe we had 14 brave soles joins us for a 7:15 AM event....not bad for 7:15!!!

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